July 13, 2017 12:00 am

15TH JULY 2017

  • Courtney Angus

    Courtney Angus

    Competitor & Former World Champion

    The combination of the all time greatest male and female wake park riders from all over the world, the world class park and contest setup and the Plastic Playgrounds format and reputation has me excited to say the least! The impact this event had on the wake industry last year was incredible! July 2017 will be next level!

  • Yonel Cohen

    Yonel Cohen

    2014 Winner

    Fourth year back! Let's see if I can take the title once again.
  • Buckman Ferguson

    Buckman Ferguson

    The Wakeboard Site

    Plastic playground is the cable event pro wakeboarders have been waiting for.

  • Philippe SIRECH

    Philippe SIRECH


    Plastic Playground , just the best Cable Wakeboard Event in the world ... 3 words, " Come and See" , unreal ......

  • Aaron Gunn

    Aaron Gunn

    Current World Champion

    Coming back for my third year, if it's anything like last year you won't be disappointed!

  • Julian Cohen

    Julian Cohen


    Plastic playground may just be the event of the year for 2017. Stoked to be apart of it.

  • Dominik Hernler

    Nick Davies


    Plastic Playgrounds is one of the biggest events in the year having more pro riders entering than any other event makes it more exciting and I'm stoked to be a part of it!