• Each round will consist of 2 runs.
  • Run will start from the dock and will be 1 whole lap and finish on the kickers.
  • You will get 1 pickup per run.
  • If you fall after the carrier passes the 4th corner pulley then no continue.
  • Your best run will count.


  • Each run will consist of 5 sections
    (Kickers/Sect 1/Sect 2/Sect 3/Sect4).
    Sections to be decided when the course is finalized.
  • Each judge will give a score out of 10 per section per run (computer will add up as we go)
  • 5 judges will judge each run with the top and bottom scores being dropped.


  • 5 sections make up this course so there is room to mix it up.
  • Judges want to see good execution on all tricks (clean/well grabbed/not zeached)
  • Composition is important, if you spin one way or repeat tricks it will effect your score (make sure you’re mixing it up)